IVF Affirmations for a Successful Cycle

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These positive IVF affirmations will help anyone undergoing fertility treatment maintain hope during this difficult time.

Trying to conceive can be a painful process. As the months of trying turn into years of questions and confusion, it can be easy to lose sight of hope. Something that should come relatively easy is suddenly more difficult than you could have ever imagined. While getting started with IVF can be exciting, there is a lot of waiting, wondering and anticipation. This can be nerve-wracking and open even more doors for “what if?”

We tried to get pregnant for three years before we finally sought the help of a fertility specialist. And after we got our diagnosis, we were left knowing that there was a significant chance we would never have biological children. Hard does not even begin to describe it.

While it may feel next to impossible to feel positive and find hope during this difficult process, it is crucial that you stay as positive as you can.

Negativity breeds negativity.

Thinking negatively won’t help, but it can hurt.

What is a positive affirmation?

IVF affirmations can help prepare your mind and body in many ways. They are known to relieve anxiety and stress, which both play a role in the health of our bodies.

Regular positive affirmations can help you omit fears about your fertility and the process ahead, allowing you to sleep better, maintain an appetite, and feel prepared for whatever comes your way.

Affirmations are a declaration of truth, which in turn promotes positivity, releases fear, manifests goals, and keeps you grounded. They are simple phrases that are repeated a few times a day. Also, they motivate you and are a self-defense mechanism against negativity.

Positive Affirmations for IVF

Following are some of the IVF affirmations that got me through some of the most difficult times during our experience with male factor infertility and IVF.

You can write your favorite on a sticky note and put it in places that you frequent regularly, such as the bathroom mirror, your computer screen, or the refrigerator. Or, you can keep a journal documenting your journey and some key phrases that will help you stay positive throughout.

  1. My womb is healthy.
  2. My body is healthy, strong, and prepared for a pregnancy.
  3. I will become a mother.
  4. My body is ready to carry a baby.
  5. I trust my medical team/fertility doctor.
  6. Everything will work out in our favor.
  7. My eggs are healthy and fertilize easily.
  8. My follicles are producing several mature eggs.
  9. It only takes one.
  10. I am one step closer to meeting my baby.
  11. My partner’s semen contains an abundance of sperm.
  12. I will be an amazing mother.
  13. My partner will be an incredible father.
  14. My body is designed to conceive.
  15. I am strong.
  16. My body responds to medication well.
  17. My body is pregnant this cycle.
  18. I can tolerate the injections for my end goal.
  19. The injections are temporary and are a means to an end.
  20. My baby and I are safe.

In addition to repeated affirmations, consider guided meditation, acupuncture, and yoga.

What IVF affirmations are you using to manifest a successful cycle?

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