10+ IVF Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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ivf pregnancy announcement

Congratulations on a successful IVF cycle! Following you will find some cute and creative IVF pregnancy announcement ideas to share your news with friends and family.

Are you expecting an IVF baby? Learning you are pregnant after experiencing infertility and going through in vitro fertilization is an unexplainable feeling. The process was long, incredibly emotional, and physically taxing. For some, it took several rounds of IVF before finally getting that BFP! And for others, fertility treatments came a little easier.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, you did it… you’re here now, and it was worth it!

Now it’s time to share this incredibly exciting news with your family and friends with an IVF pregnancy announcement!

Looking for more inspiration? Here are some other creative and fun pregnancy announcement ideas.


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Positive Pregnancy Test After IVF

Suffering through infertility, whether it is female factor or male factor, feels impossible at times and can come with a lot of pain. So, when you finally do get pregnant, sharing such a massive life update comes with mixed feelings. It’s a different emotion that is hard to articulate. After unsuccessfully trying to conceive for (in some cases) several long years… the news of a pregnancy comes with with lots of smiles, and a lot of anxiety.

On the one hand, you are beyond THRILLED. You finally got a positive pregnancy test and you can’t wait to share the good news that your family is finally growing. On the other hand, you may be hesitant, because what if?

The thing about infertility is that there is always the question of what if? 

What if I can’t have a baby?
What if my fertility specialist doesn’t prescribe the right dosages?
What if they don’t collect enough eggs at my egg retrieval?
What if my embryo doesn’t stick on transfer day?
What if I have a miscarriage?

All valid questions, all valid concerns.

However, if you are looking into ways you can announce your pregnancy, my guess is you feel like you are finally in the clear and can do so without concern.

How to Announce Pregnancy After Infertility

Some mamas keep their infertility journey private, while others share their experience in order to raise more awareness around the topic. If you’re here, you obviously are open to discussing. Whether that be with your family and friends or for anyone who you are connected with on social media.

You may decide to announce slowly, starting with one person or group of people and moving onto the next when you feel ready. Or, you may tell everyone at the same time.

Everyone’s path to pregnancy is a little different, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to do some big baby announcement just because everyone else seems to be doing it. This is about you, your partner, and your rainbow baby… no one else. It’s up to you how you share and with whom.

When is it safe to announce pregnancy after IVF? 

There is no wrong answer to this question, because as I said, everyone has taken a different path. And everyone’s comfort level is different.

However, it is reasonable to wonder when it is safe to make your big announcement. The unfortunate truth is that 1 in 4 known pregnancies results in a miscarriage, and IVF warriors are not strangers to that. This most often happens during the first 12 weeks, which is why many consider the second trimester to be the “safe zone.”

While one IVF mama may wait until they reach this safe zone, another may decide to tell those who knew she was going through an IVF cycle that her test was positive right after finding out, or within just a few weeks. Others may show early signs of pregnancy like extreme morning sickness, and may decide that they can’t hide their big news for too long.

The decision is completely up to you and when your due date is.

IVF & Infertility Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

And now for the ideas! Here are some cute things you can do for your own IVF pregnancy announcement.

The Little Embryo That Could

This little baby onesie is a cute way to share that your transfer was a success! No need to outwardly discuss your IVF journey with this one. Those who get it will read between the lines with this subtle announcement.

ivf pregnancy announcement

Source: Etsy

Alternatively, grab this cute milestone disc with the same phrase to use as a photo prop!

ivf pregnancy announcement

Source: Etsy

After Every Storm

All the feels with this one, because the IVF process can truly feel like a storm! But, getting that rainbow makes it all worth it. And, sharing the month you are due is the best way to tell the world when your new adventure will begin!

ivf pregnancy announcement

Source: Instagram/Kathryn.floyddd

Lots of Love and a Little Science

This one is deliberate in sharing that mama went through IVF and she is proud of it, and even includes a syringe which we all have plenty of, amiright?

ivf pregnancy announcement

Source: Etsy

I Used to be Frozen

This clever play on words is a great way to share your experience with infertility and IVF.

ivf pregnancy announcement

Source: Instagram/Jenna.burton19

How Do I Like My Eggs?

If you are a jokester, this shirt for mom could be a funny way to share your pregnancy news.

ivf pregnancy announcement

Source: Etsy

The Best Miracles Take A Little Time

Your rainbow baby is a true miracle, even if she decided to make her entrance a little later than you’d hoped! Tell the world all about your little miracle with this sweet onesie.

ivf pregnancy announcement

Source: Etsy

Mama In The Making

If you are here, you are #IVFStrong, and you should be proud of that!

ivf pregnancy announcement

Source: Etsy

Worth Every Shot

No matter how difficult it was for you to get to this point, I am willing to bet that it was worth every single solitary shot. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have tried, right? Grab some toys, this onesie, and an ultrasound photo for a cute pregnancy announcement idea.

ivf pregnancy announcement

Source: Etsy

Alternatively, collect all of your own syringes that you used for your hormone injections to show just how many shots you took before your great success!

ivf pregnancy announcement

Source: Instagram/jessicadaniellehess

Tiny Embryo, Mighty Heart

Your tiny embryo DOES have a mighty heart – just like you, mama! After all, it does take a lot of strength to get through the IVF process. Pair this idea with some cute baby shoes and you’ve got yourself an adorable spread.

ivf pregnancy announcement

Source: Etsy

The Lord Will Make It Happen

If you believe that timing is everything – and very intentional – this announcement idea may be the one for you.

ivf pregnancy announcement

Source: Etsy

The One Where They Got Their Rainbow

If you’re a Friends lover, this is a cute way to pack in a twist on one of your favorite shows! You can share this with an ultrasound picture, some baby toys or other tiny outfits to make your announcement.

ivf pregnancy announcement

Source: Etsy


If you want to honor a loved one that left you too early, this IVF pregnancy announcement is a sweet idea. After experiencing fertility issues, this one surely tugs on the heart strings.

ivf pregnancy announcement

Etsy: Source

Best of luck on this journey! It took guts to get here.

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