Ultimate List of Best Gifts for Second Time Moms (2024)

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best gifts for second time moms

Looking for the best gifts for second-time moms? This list compiles practical yet thoughtful gift ideas you can give to the mama in your life.

Welcoming a new baby into the family is always a joyous occasion, but when it comes to second-time moms, finding the perfect gift can be a bit more challenging. After all, they likely already have many of the essentials from their first baby. However, with a little creativity and thoughtfulness, you can still find something to make their journey with baby number two just as special.


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Do you give a gift for a second baby?

While some second-time moms may choose to forego a baby shower or baby sprinkle, fearing it might be perceived as excessive or unnecessary, it’s still thoughtful to recognize and celebrate their incredible journey. The decision to skip these traditional gatherings often stems from a desire to avoid appearing overly indulgent, especially when they may already have things saved from their first child.

However, remember that each pregnancy and child are unique, deserving of recognition and celebration. While it may not be their first, second time moms are literally bringing another entire human into the world, and their efforts should be acknowledged! Even if it’s not through a formal event, finding thoughtful and personal ways to express support and excitement for the upcoming addition can make mama feel cherished and valued. Every birth is a momentous occasion that deserves celebration, regardless of the number of times a woman experiences motherhood.

Ultimately, whether or not you give a gift for a second baby is entirely up to you. But if you do, it will obviously be appreciated!

Best Gifts for Second-Time Moms

Here’s a curated list of the best gift ideas for second-time moms, ranging from practical to thoughtful, ensuring you’ll find something perfect for every growing family.

If push comes to shove, and you feel comfortable enough, you can also ask the mama to be what they may need for a second child. Believe it or not, some may prefer this path so as to avoid being gifted things they already have. Because believe me, once you hit the second kid, you are officially buried in *things*!

Double Stroller

Getting out of the house is infinitely harder when you are wrestling two kids out the door. A double stroller is a game-changer for second-time moms, especially when there’s an older sibling in tow. It provides convenience and comfort, making outings a breeze. If you’re looking for a higher-end item, this would be a good one!

Alternatively, you can see if their current stroller is the adaptable, meaning it can accommodate a second seat with a simple attachment. For example, the Uppa Baby Vista, which if a very popular stroller, can hold two seats if needed.

Diapers and Baby Wipes

While it may seem basic, diapers and wipes are always appreciated. Always! After all, no matter how many kids the family has, the baby will always need them. However, rather than buying newborn or even size one, consider a larger size. Babies come in all sizes, and some grow faster than others!

Take this gift further by enrolling second time parents in a subscription service, such as Amazon Prime’s diaper delivery. This takes this practical gift to the next level, ensuring a constant supply arrives at the new mom’s doorstep.

Baby Monitor

A reliable baby monitor can be a great gift for second-time moms, helping them keep a watchful eye on their newest addition. This is especially so if the second baby will not be sharing a bedroom with big brother or big sister, who may still be young enough to have a monitor in their room, too.

We personally got an add-on camera for our monitor system, which allows us to toggle back and forth automatically or manually between our two sleeping kids. Game-changer!

House Cleaning Service

One of the best gifts you can offer a new mom is the gift of time. Arrange for a house cleaning service to take care of the household chores, allowing the mom to focus on bonding with the baby and the older sibling. Or sleeping… whichever.

You may choose to do a deep clean before the family comes home from the hospital, or wait for a time when the parents feel knee-deep in laundry and dishes. No matter what, making sure the parents DON’T have to clean is a great gift idea.

Gift Cards for Shopping

In my opinion, a gift card is always a good idea. While some may think of gift cards as being unthoughtful, many look at them gratefully, as they offer flexibility for second-time moms to choose what they need most.

Consider a variety of options, including grocery stores, baby stores, Target, Walmart, or even online retailers like Amazon Prime. This way, they can pick out items for both the baby and themselves.

Meal Delivery or Freezer Meals

New moms are often pressed for time, and cooking can be the last thing on their minds. Prepared freezer meals or a home cooked meal prepared by yours truly would provide a delicious and convenient solution, ensuring the family has meals on-the-ready without the stress of cooking.

Gift Cards for Dining

Like shopping gift cards, a restaurant gift certificate is a great idea for growing families because it gives them a break from cooking. Everyone loves to eat out, but busy parents don’t always have that luxury. A gift card to one of their favorite local restaurants – ideally one that has take out/delivery options – is perfect.

Alternatively, a DoorDash or UberEats gift card will go over just as well, giving mom and dad the option to take their pick what they want based on their mood!

Extra Set of Hands 

Sometimes the best gift you can offer is your time and assistance. Offer to babysit, run errands, or help with household chores. An extra set of hands during the early days can make a significant difference for a busy mom of two.

Costco or Sam’s Club Membership

Bulk buying quickly becomes a must when you are a family of four or more. A Costco or Sam’s Club membership can be a fantastic gift for second-time parents. Buying in bulk saves time and money, providing the family with everything they need, from diapers to household items… even produce (which, if you have a toddler, is like gold).

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a practical and stylish gift for second-time moms, enabling them to keep their hands free while keeping the newest addition close. There are many options that are comfortable, versatile, and suitable for babies of different sizes.

Bath Time Fun Set

Make bath time enjoyable for both the new baby and the older sibling with a fun bath gift basket. Consider including gentle baby shampoo, a cozy hooded towel, and a floating bath toy for endless giggles.

Cloth Diapers in Different Sizes

For the environmentally conscious second-time mom, cloth diapers in various sizes make for a practical and eco-friendly gift.

Baby Blanket

While I am sure the older children have plenty of blankets to spare, a special one made just for the new arrival is a super sweet gesture, especially if you knit or crochet it yourself!

Baby Essentials Gift Basket

Create a gift basket filled with baby essentials, such as diapers, wipes, baby blankets, and onesies. This practical yet personalized gesture shows that you’ve put thought into providing a lot of the basics needed for the early days.

Gifts for Big Siblings

Don’t forget the older sibling when selecting a gift for a new baby! Welcoming a new addition to the family is an exciting but sometimes challenging transition for the older brother or sister. Consider choosing a thoughtful gift that acknowledges their important role and helps them feel included in the celebration. Whether it’s a special toy they’ve been eyeing, a personalized item, or an activity they enjoy, a sibling gift can go a long way in making the older child feel valued and appreciated during this period of change. It’s a wonderful way to ensure that the entire family shares in the joy of the new arrival.

Finding the best gifts for second-time moms involves a thoughtful balance of practicality and sentimentality. From essential baby gear to personalized gestures for the older sibling, these ideas cater to the unique needs of a growing family. Whether it’s the convenience of a double stroller or a home cooked meal, these gift ideas are sure to make the second-time mom feel cherished and supported during this exciting chapter in her life.

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