10 Second Trimester Must-Haves

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We’ve compiled a list of our top second trimester must-haves to get you through this exciting (but sometimes difficult) time. Whether this is your first pregnancy, or you’ve been there, done that… you still have needs, mama!

Welcome to the second trimester of pregnancy, when you’re really going to start needing some creature comforts and new wardrobe items. The first trimester has its challenges but you can probably get by with only buying a few essentials, like morning sickness relief, baby books, and prenatal vitamins. But the second trimester is a whole different beast!

Your hormonal changes have you feeling like a toad (unless you are one of the lucky ones who glows and doesn’t even feel pregnant!), you wake up in the middle of the night like it’s your job, and you may have started to enter that, “ok, I’m growing tired of this…” phase. I feel you.

Before you find yourself in month four and on, take a look at this list to prepare yourself for what’s to come. It’s my hope that some items on this list give you great relief as you navigate the coming months of pregnancy.

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Top Second Trimester Must-Haves

Your nausea and vomiting may be history, but now you’re growing, achy, and maybe a bit overwhelmed. It’s all about COMFORT in the 2nd trimester! Here are some of our top second trimester must-haves.

Self Care

1. Heating Pad

Hello, aches and pains!

At this point, you can probably, literally, feel your hips widening. You may be experiencing sciatica. You may feel lower back pain due to carrying all this extra weight (just wait, they say). There is no denying, us mamas need some TLC.

Enter heating pad. What used to seem like such a basic pharmacy item may now be your new best friend. If you’re feeling this pregnancy, don’t hesitate to plug in whenever you’re going to be sitting still for a while – even at your desk! I used and abused mine during the IVF process, and my faithful companion has continued to take care of me through each trimester.

2. Cocoa Butter For Stretch Marks

We are again recommending cocoa butter for stretch marks because your growing belly will begin to show sometime in the early to mid-stages of the second trimester. By the end of the second trimester, you will have full-on popped!

If you’re feeling itchy all over, there is a reason why! Your skin is stretching as you make room for your little babe. The more you stretch, the more you may itch. The more you may itch, the more you’ll want to scratch.



Scratching will only promote stretch marks while providing temporary relief. Slather on some belly cream and ride it out, mama.

I also really loved Tummy Butter by The Spoiled Mama, but a regular cocoa butter will also do the trick.

3. Sleepy Lotion

As my hips and back worked to accommodate my mini, I ached pretty badly. I also experience numbing in my shoulders no matter which side I lay on. I found Sleepy Lotion by 8 Sheep Organics and love to use it right before bedtime to help me get a better night’s rest.

Not only do the essential oils support restful sleep, but they also relieve leg cramps, and ease lower back, hip, and ligament pain.

I also use it on my nipples from time to time which got fairly dry in the second trimester.

To Wear

Weight gain is an obvious and unavoidable part of pregnancy. Many – not all – mamas will need to stock their wardrobe with maternity clothes to accommodate their changing body. Below are some wearable must-haves to make sure your waist band isn’t making it hard to breathe! Cause it’s starting to get hard already, amiright?

4. Maternity Leggings

Around this time, you may start to notice that your favorite athleisure leggings and jeans don’t quite fit the same. What was once the perfect fit, now barely clasps shut. And, because so many of us work from home, leggings are often our uniform every day.

I knew it was time to get some maternity leggings when my favorite pairs started to roll down my waist, and when I was constantly pulling them up. Maternity leggings are also a good idea because odds are you will want to continue wearing them postpartum!

5. Loose Tops

Have most of your shirts become belly shirts? You may be limited to just a couple of token pieces from your closets these days, which means you must be running the laundry machine more often than normal. It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with at least a few comfortable tops to accommodate your growing bellow.

Kindred Bravely has a great maternity selection, one of my faves thus far!

6. Stretchy Sports Bras or Nursing Bras

While you may want to buy one or two bras with underwire and structure, don’t go too crazy. As your breasts grow (and itch, maybe ache) and get ready to provide nourishment to another human, you won’t really want to be confined to uncomfortable bras.

Do yourself a favor and grab some comfy spandex bras… you’ll live in them now, and most like use them after you give birth as well. They don’t have any kind of hidden pockets for nursing, but they’re great for lounging around in comfort.

Alternatively, a nursing bra can provide the same or similar comfort. And, if you plan to breastfeed, you will be able to continue using them once baby arrives. I’m not going to lie, I wore my favorite nursing bras through nursing my first baby, right into my second pregnancy, and still wear them regularly now as I nurse my second baby. Might as well get your favorites in different colors!

7. Belly Bands

Starting in the second trimester of pregnancy, many pregnant women find belly bands to be incredibly helpful. These stretchy and supportive bands are designed to gently cradle your growing belly, providing much-needed extra support to the lower back and abdomen. As the baby bump expands, some expectant mothers may experience back pain or discomfort, and belly bands can alleviate some of that strain by promoting better posture and distributing the weight more evenly. You can wear a belly band through your 3rd trimester, all the way up to your due date.

8. Comfortable Shoes

As the second trimester rolls in, high quality and comfortable shoes become a pregnancy essential. With the extra weight gain and changes in body posture, the right pair of shoes can alleviate the strain on aching feet and lower back, making each step feel like a little act of self-care. Opting for supportive and well-fitting footwear helps pregnant women maintain better balance, reduces the risk of foot-related discomfort, and contributes to an overall sense of well-being during this dynamic stage of pregnancy.

Comfort Items

Maternity clothing is the only area that is important for your comfort. What about sleep, relieving body aches, and just feeling good overall? A great way for expectant moms to maximize their comfort would be to snag some of the following items:

9. Pregnancy Pillow

We already recommended a pregnancy pillow for the 1st trimester. If you haven’t gotten one yet, you’re really going to want one now. You may have been able to sleep through those first three months, but now you are growing, making something as simple as sleep a lot more challenging.

I love this U-shaped pregnancy body pillow, which has been my go-to sleeping companion for months (sorry, hubs). I used it through my IVF aches and pains, and continued on with it through every stage of pregnancy. The bigger I get, the more my needs change, and this pillow continues to provide the comfort I needed both in the front and the back.

Once you reach about 20-weeks in your second trimester (5 months), it is recommended that you do not sleep on your back. This is because, at this point, your uterus has grown enough that it is sitting on top of your inferior vena cava when you are lying on your back. This blood vessel brings blood to your heart, and thus, your baby. But if your uterus is pushing against it, less blood will flow, leading to a potential risk of stillbirth.

Sleeping on your side with the support of a pregnancy pillow can make the position a bit more comfortable since we are now limited to either our left or our right (because obviously, the stomach is now out of the question, too).

10. Air Humidifier

Um, is it dry in here or is it just me? I can’t tell you how many mornings I woke up with a sore and dry nose and throat. I can’t tell you because it was basically every morning.

If you’re the same, get a humidifier for your bedroom and any other living area that you spend a lot of time in! Not only will you feel better, but your skin will also feel less dry. And let’s be honest, we are DRY right about now. What’s more, this particular humidifier has a slot where you can put a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you really want to take the comfort to the next level.

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11. Foot Spa

A foot spa can be particularly beneficial during pregnancy as it provides relief from swollen feet and ankles, which are common discomforts due to increased fluid retention. The soothing warmth and gentle massage from a foot spa can help improve circulation, reduce tension, and offer a bit of relaxation for expectant mothers.

Call me extra but this foot spa was a GOD SEND that I will never regret purchasing. Not only does it provide a lot of relief after spending a lot of time on your feet, but it’s just so relaxing after a long, stressful day. This will also come in totally handy in the third trimester as you continue to grow.

12. Herbal Teas

Sipping on herbal teas in the second trimester feels like a warm hug for many pregnant women. Not only do they offer a comforting break, but certain herbal blends like chamomile or ginger can also help ease digestive woes and provide a cozy, caffeine-free option for those looking to unwind without worrying about extra jitters. Herbal tea may also be helpful for a pregnant woman who is experiencing food aversions.

13. Bigger Bed

I’m a sprawler, I like my space, I like my pillows, and I sometimes sweat. Love my husband and all, but our queen-sized bed wasn’t cutting it by the time we reached my second trimester. This recommendation is definitely more of an indulgence than I would normally recommend – trust me, I totally understand it could be a very difficult time to justify the investment. BUT, if you can, and if you’ve been considering it anyway, now may be the time.

Our bed was due for an upgrade long before I hit the second trimester, but my constant discomfort, tossing and turning is what finally convinced the hubby that it was time to get a king-sized bed. Mama wasn’t sleeping and that’s no bueno for the little one.

We upgraded to a split king bed (two twin XL mattresses) on a dually adjustable base. We both read in bed often but our sleep schedules are not really compatible. And, with all we have learned about the negatives of back-sleeping, an adjustable base seemed like the safest way to get some relief at night. Plus, the adjustable base will make night-time sleep feeds all the more simple.

The extra space is also a plus for anyone who chooses to co-sleep.

Happy Second Trimester! What’s on your pregnancy must-haves list?


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