15+ Diaper Caddy Essentials For All Moms

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Got a baby on the way? Better get those diaper caddy essentials together before their arrival! This post reviews my favorite diaper caddy items that I have stocked during both of my pregnancies.

If you are an expectant mother, putting together a diaper caddy can be a great way to get ready for your baby and nurture that need to nest. 

With my first baby, I went the whole nine yards: an organized closet with clothes hung by size, a dresser full of diapers, wipes, and onesies, a fully stocked nursing and diaper caddy, and a beautifully decorated nursery. With my second baby, we didn’t have as much space or time to go big (sorry, buddy!), but I did put together some diaper caddy essentials because, well… it was necessary! And that urge to nest was not absent despite differing circumstances.


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If you’re wondering what to put in a diaper caddy, you’ve come to the right place!  I am going to share what I kept handy for both of my babies so you can feel as prepared as you can for your little bundle of joy.

What is a Diaper Caddy? 

A diaper caddy is a convenient and portable organizer that holds essential baby items for quick access and easy transport. Many people keep more than one depending on the size of their home and where they plan to have the baby sleep and be changed. 

I personally have a full sized caddy in my bedroom when my newborn is still sleeping beside my bed because we do most of our changes there. When they move to their own bedroom, so does the diaper caddy. I also have a mini version in our family room downstairs, our “satellite station,” where we spend a lot of time. Most of the items you’d keep in your diaper bag are in a diaper caddy, but you may opt to have an emergency version in your car as well.

What to Put in a Diaper Caddy

So what goes in a diaper caddy, anyway? Following is a list of items you can consider putting in yours. Some items are obvious, and others perhaps aren’t! Either way, I hope you’ll find something useful.


1. Diapers

Duh – the obvious choice! Keep a good supply of diapers, appropriate for your baby’s age and size. We always keep our caddy stocked with whatever size our baby currently is, but always keep a box of the next size up in storage, just in case. Babies hop sizes at varying paces, but when it happens, it feels like it’s without much notice! Better to be prepared than without. We have a tendency to size up after one too many blow outs. 

I usually keep a whole row of diapers stocked in our diaper caddy at any given time because let me tell you – babies go through them very often, at least 7-8 a day, sometimes more if they are cluster feeding or having digestive issues.


2. Wipes

You will obviously need baby wipes for cleaning your baby during diaper changes.

These ones have always been our favorite for both babies because they are fragrance-free and gentle, with just two simple ingredients. Pro tip: order in bulk!


3. Diaper Cream

A diaper rash cream or ointment to prevent or soothe diaper rash. We personally keep it simple and lather our baby’s booty up with Vaseline, or a stronger formula such as Desitin or Triple Paste to treat a rash.


4. Changing Pads

A compact changing pad or mat to provide a clean and comfortable surface for diaper changes. This may only be necessary for your on-the-go or satellite changing station because odds are you will have a permanent changing pad on your tabletop (i.e., your dresser or changing table). 


5. Extra Clothes

A change of baby clothes in case of accidents (hello, blow outs), spills, spit up, being too hot or cold, etc. Keeping an extra outfit or five is helpful for many reasons.


6. Burp Cloths

My family goes through burp cloths like nobody’s business. Whether the baby has been hit with reflux, we are teething and drooly, or mom and dad can’t be bothered to search for the last fresh one we grabbed (so we grab another!). 

These simple muslin burp cloths are lifesavers. We have probably 30 of them and they all get used.

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7. Baby Lotion

All babies have flaky skin, whether immediately after birth or within the first few weeks. A mild and hypoallergenic baby lotion is great for keeping your baby’s skin moisturized without irritating it.


8. Snot Sucker and Saline Nasal Spray

Yuck, I know, but your baby can’t blow their own nose, right? Whether they’ve got a runny nose or have an unfortunate case of milk or spit up going up and not down, there will come a time that you have to give your baby an assist.

This snotsucker and spray combo pack is a lifesaver and one of those little-known diaper caddy essentials until you actually need it!


9. Pacifiers

Many babies do not love getting their diapers changed, especially if they are cold, have stomach trouble, or are dealing with a rash. If your baby uses them, keep a couple of clean pacifiers or a teether in the caddy to soothe them while you quickly change their diaper.


10. Toys or Teethers

In the same vein as a pacifier, a couple of small toys or teething items are helpful for entertaining your baby during changes.


11. Nail Scissors or File

Baby fingernails are like teeny tiny razor sharp daggers, which is why you may notice tiny cuts on your baby’s face in the early days. Both of my babies would grip their cheeks and leave behind little cuts until I’d trim their nails or put on little baby mittens. 

Do yourself a favor and get yourself some nail scissors or a file. And no, not just any nail kit! Baby safe tools only. Just remember to do it when they are nice and calm, because it is virtually impossible when they are riled up.


12. Disposable Bags

If you don’t have a diaper genie, it would be helpful to have sealable plastic bags for disposing of dirty diapers. They could also be good for storing soiled clothes until they can be washed. If you do have a diaper genie, keeping some spare bags nearby is helpful for when you’re overloaded. 



1. Nipple Cream

If you are nursing, I’d highly recommend using a cream to soothe and prevent cracked and sore nipples – especially in the early days. 

My all-time favorite nipple butter is super moisturizing and also safe for nursing, so you can apply it right before your baby needs to be fed and not worry about whether it’s OK for them to have it in their mouth. It contains no petroleum, no preservatives, and no lanolin.


2. Nursing Pads

If you’re breastfeeding, you’re bound to spring a leak from time to time. Stick a set of nursing pads in your caddy for emergency use!


3. Hand Sanitizer

Sorry, but we all end up with icky hands after some diaper changes, and making it to a sink is not always an option. A small travel-sized hand sanitizer is a great alternative for when you need to clean your hands in a hurry. It’s also useful for when you have guests that you’d like to clean their hands before holding the baby.


4. Nursing Cover

If you’re breastfeeding, keeping a nursing cover in your caddy is useful, at least in your satellite station if you’d prefer to cover up with company!

Remember, the contents of your diaper caddy can vary based on your baby’s age, specific needs, and your personal preferences. Regularly check and restock the caddy to ensure you have everything you need when you’re on the go with your baby.


The Best Diaper Caddies

Diaper caddies are both simple and affordable. All you need is something with compartments to keep your must-have items organized for quick and easy use.

I used and loved this diaper caddy for both of my babies. It works well as both a stationary caddy kept on my changing table, or as a grab-and-go satellite caddy because of the handles.

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Get it here


Get it here


diaper caddy essentials

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You may also opt to use a shallow, sturdy basket as your diaper caddy. Whatever makes you feel most organized!


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