Best Products to Help You Get Pregnant

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We’ve compiled a list of our favorite products to help you get pregnant, whether you are just getting started or have been trying to conceive for some time! This post may contain affiliate links which means we may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase using one of these links.

You might be thinking, what do you mean, products to help me get pregnant? Don’t I just need my partner? LOL, we wish! Jokes aside, trying to conceive is not always as easy as some may think. Many couples spend months, even years trying to get pregnant. Some aren’t successful because of fertility struggles, others fail because they’re making common TTC mistakes, and some just need a little assist! That’s where this list comes in.

Best TTC Products

Whether you have been TTC for a while or you are just getting started, these are the best products to help you get pregnant. I hope they give your journey the boost it needs!

Fertility Tracking App

Chances are that if you are trying to conceive, you are aware that there are countless fertility apps available. If not, let me fill you in. Fertility apps are great because they help you master your cycle from start to finish whether you just want to know when to expect menstruation, or you want to keep track of all the details, like when you are going to be most fertile and how you feel on any given day. Most are free, and some even have community forums where you can get in touch with other individuals who are trying to get pregnant.

My favorite app has always been Glow, which I have used since I first started trying to conceive in 2017. But there are many others that I have also dabbled in and enjoyed, such as Fertility Friend and Premom.

Best Pregnancy Apps of 2021

Prenatal Vitamin

Out of all products to help you get pregnant, prenatal vitamins are among the most obvious and the most effective – because they are literally made to help your body grow a baby!

Many people starting taking a prenatal vitamin after they get pregnant, but did you know that it’s highly recommended you start taking one while you are trying to conceive? Not only will they support your baby as they grow early on, but they help prepare your body to receive them.

Prenatal vitamins are rich in iron, which supports the development of the fetus and placenta, and folic acid, which helps prevent against neural tube defects in the early stages of pregnancy. The Mayo Clinic recommends that anyone trying to conceive take extra folic acid for at least three months before becoming pregnant, so why not get that (and all the other important vitamins!) in prenatal form?

I have taken NatureMade Prenatal Vitamins for the last 5 years and have no complaints.

Ovulation Test Strips

Tracking your cycle can, admittedly, be time consuming. It isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. If you aren’t into cycle tracking apps, find out when you are ovulating using ovulation test strips.

Ovulation test strips are at-home urine tests that detect the luteinizing hormone, or LH. After there is a surge in LH, eggs are released. Most kits come with paper tests trips, though there are more expensive types that look more like a pregnant test. You may choose to either pee directly on the tip of the test, or pee in a cup and dip the strip in.

This kit comes with 40 ovulations tests strips and 10 pregnancy test strips and is extremely well-rated on Amazon.

After trying to conceive for two yers, one reviewer said: “Omg you guys! Get these, get these, GET THESE! It only took ONE CYCLE AND I’M PREGNANT! I owe it all to these bad boys for helping me pinpoint ovulation! I’m still in shock and disbelief and so excited. I just got my blood test results from my obgyn and she confirmed! Do not hesitate!”

Basal Body Temperature Thermometer

Taking your basal body temperature is a great way to identify your most fertile window. Your basal body temperature is your body’s temperature when you are fully at rest, so it’s best to take it first thing in the morning before you get out of bed.

If you consistently record your body temperature, you will be able to figure out when you are ovulating, and thus the best days to have sex. You can record your temperature in a fertility tracking app or in a notebook.

This basal body temperature thermometer connects to Bluetooth, so you can automatically upload your numbers to the Premom app. Or, if you would rather spend less money and enter your number manually, this basic (non-Bluetooth) option is also a good choice.

Pre-Seed Lubricant

Pre-Seed lubricant is one of the few fertility-friendly lubes available. Unfortunately, many regular lubricants are damaging to sperm quality and could make it more difficult to conceive.

This lube helps support sperm quality, and it is isotonic and pH balanced like the vaginal environment which supports sperm survival.

Bonus: Pregnancy Tests (duh!)

If all goes well, you’ll need pregnancy tests to see if your efforts were fruitful. Don’t bother loading up on the expensive digital tests that read “pregnant” or “not pregnant.” Save those for when you’re getting a line on a more affordable pregnancy test and use them to confirm!

As you are trying to conceive, it’s important to stay positive, hopeful, and calm. Enjoy the process and try not to get frustrated if it doesn’t happen as quickly as you expected. We were all raised to think that the first time we had unprotected sex would be the last, because well, we’d get pregnant! But this is not true for everyone. Relax, take it easy, and good luck!

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