The Best Postpartum Diapers for Post-Delivery

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We’ve compiled a list of our favorite postpartum diapers to get you through the first days and weeks after delivering your sweet baby. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase using one of these links.

Postpartum diapers may not be exactly how you envision spending your first days after delivery (isn’t that the baby’s job?), but they will be an excellent tool in your postpartum care toolkit.

This period of time can be uncomfortable and if we’re being completely candid, a bit messy. The truth of the matter is that you are going to experience some level of bleeding – whether you have a vaginal birth or a c-section – and you are going to need adult diapers. For some, the bleeding lasts just a few days, and for others, it may be a couple of weeks before you feel ready to wear your normal underwear or downgrade to a pad.

You’ve spent the last weeks and months stocking up on all of your baby essentials, diapers included, but have you gotten yourself prepared for your postpartum life?

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Do I have to?

Have to, no. But you’re going to wish you did. With my first delivery, I was astounded by how much mess I was left with. I knew I would bleed and I did have a little bit of tearing, but once I was in it, I felt like I would ever have enough diapers, pads, and sheet protectors to get me through the worst of it. It was a lot, and I needed some form of protection for a solid four weeks before I felt ready to return to regular underwear.

While the hospital will provide you with ice packs and mesh panties galore, I highly recommend purchasing your own supply for home. The quality of what you will receive, in most cases, is just not enough to make you feel like a human being.

When you’re trying to determine what to wear after giving birth, postpartum diapers may not be the first or most glamorous thing on your mind. However, your body just went through a lot of stress, and it needs time to heal. Adult diapers postpartum are great for both feeling supported and minimizing the mess.


Postpartum Diapers vs Pads

If you are wondering if you should buy postpartum diapers or pads, I say opt for both, as your needs will change over time. No delivery is the same, and no recovery is the same. Bleeding tends to be heavy in those first days, so do yourself a favor and get postpartum diapers AND postpartum pads. That way, you can adjust as you feel comfortable.

Some people like to start with mesh panties with a postpartum pad which can work, but can also be a nuisance. They are fairly bulky – nothing like your typical menstrual pad – and stretch the entire length of the panties. They also don’t tend to have wings to help keep them in place, so they can bunch up and slide around. I personally found them more annoying than convenient due to the constant adjustments.

I do, however, recommend regular panty liners in mesh panties once you’re through the heaviest days.


Best Postpartum Diapers for Mom

There are several adult diaper brands out there these days, it can be hard to know which ones to try. Especially because you don’t want to buy too many since it is often a short term need (certainly not the same as testing out various diaper brands with baby!).

1. Depend Silhouette

No, “Depends,” as most of us know them, are not just for seniors! Though they are popular for a reason: they work.

Depend Silhouette for Women is my top choice for postpartum bleeding. They are comfortable, discreet, and have excellent absorbency and leak protection.. which is the goal, right? They also aren’t as bulky as you may think, they come in a couple of different colors, and they are soft.

2. Always Discreet

Always is well-known due to its heavy presence in the menstruation world, so it should come as no surprise that they are also known for their postpartum-wear.

While this product may be marketed as postpartum incontinence underwear, it’s far more than that. This is an excellent option as they are super absorbent and prevent against leaks. Some reviewers love them so much that they use them for their menstrual cycles.

3. Always Discreet Boutique

If you want to feel a little more sexy, the Always Discreet Boutique line offers a little more flair in their design. They are also a little more discreet making it easier to get dressed and maintain some semblance of privacy.

But we’re talking functionality right? Many reviewers called this line a “life saver” for the weeks following the birth of their baby.

4. Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear

a woman wearing frida underwear - postpartum diapers

These are technically underwear and not a diaper, but they are disposable which is why they are included.

Frida Baby and Frida Mom products are great – I have personally used a variety of them, including their postpartum underwear. They are comfortable, high-waisted, form fitting and made with thick material. Definitely better than the disposable underwear that the hospitals provide!

Please note that they will not minimize leakage the way that postpartum diapers will.


How many postpartum diapers do I need?

Because everyone’s recovery is different, start with 1-2 packs of postpartum adult diapers to get you through the first 5-7 days. The bleeding is the heaviest in the first three days, and at least one of those days will be spent in the hospital. From there, the bleeding will hopefully lessen. After that first week, you may prefer to switch to postpartum pads which many find to be more comfortable since they’re less, well, diaper-like.


Final Tips:

  • Size up when purchasing adult diapers for postpartum. Your belly will not bounce back to it’s old size right away, and you will also want a little more room for ice packs. C-section mamas will likely prefer a loose fit due to incisions.
  • Use a postpartum pad inside your adult diaper so you don’t fly through your supply.

I personally used Depend Silhouette for Women and Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear after giving birth to my daughter, and will follow the same protocol with my next.

Finally, give yourself some grace during this challenging time. You just brought an entire human into this world! The mess will pass, the joy will not. You did it!


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