Inspiring Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

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As we make way for our first little girl, I am in full-on prep mode. I have been daydreaming about what my baby’s nursery will look like for years – long before I ever got pregnant. But now the time has FINALLY come and I am ecstatic to be able to plan it out. I have always known that boy or girl, I wanted a gender-neutral nursery. There is just something about natural materials and colors that really draw me in.

Whether you are expecting your first, have another on the way, or are simply looking for new ideas for one of your littles, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite gender-neutral nurseries. As always, all creators are credited, and we did our best to link to some of our favorite products so you can shop the look! (And let’s be honest, so WE could shop the looks!)

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Our Favorite Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

There is so much gender-neutral nursery decor out there; it’s just a matter of curating your own collection! Here are some looks that are feeding my style (and soul!) right now.

gender neutral nursery 1

This particular nursery is serving as near-complete inspiration for my own! From the herringbone accent wall to the crib and natural elements… I am ALL about this look. While I love, love, love the wallpaper, it was a bit out of budget for our current temporary home, so we ended up painting our own with a stencil for the time being.

Photo Credit: Project Nursery
Shop the Look: Crib | Wallpaper


While this may be coined a “baby boy nursery,” we would totally go after this look for our little girl too! We love the bright colors, woody elements, and of course the mud cloth wallpaper! Blacks, white, and brown all the way baby!

Photo Credit: ash ‘n’ fashn


This nursery is so bright and inviting that it’s giving me life! From the sweet wall shelves to the boho curtains, if I could duplicate this look and plant it in my own nursery right now, I would!

Photo Credit: Sun Seeking In Style


Another black and white accent wall that I just adore! And, what do you know, my all-time favorite crib. We love the grey-scale wall art and the pops of orange too!

Photo Credit: Instagram | @sydbrown
Shop the Look: Crib


Can we talk about how gorgeous this color scheme is?! While I am normally all about the blacks, whites, and browns, this forest green shade is really doing it for me! Love the natural dresser, the rug, the curtain rod… everything!

Photo Credit: The Moss Farmhouse


If this isn’t what baby drawer dreams are made of, I honestly don’t know what is! From the organizational cubes to the natural colors, I just can’t get enough! And the best part about neutral clothes is that if you have another baby of the opposite gender, you can reuse the wardrobe! Win.

Photo Credit: Kathy Kuo Home


This barn wood wallpaper is so cute! I love the faux wood look combined with the natural greens and browns. And, the farm animals add the sweetest touch.

Photo Credit: Rocky Mountain Decals
Shop the Look: Wallpaper


All white everything! I love how BRIGHT this nursery is, and while that’s obviously thanks to sun-facing windows, the clean whites are really doing their job here. Just a few natural accents here and there really make for beautiful, classy room that this baby can grow into.

Photo Credit: Instagram | @eatsleepwear


This look may be a tad different from what you see in many of these other nurseries but it is so unique (and sweet for both girls and boys!) that I can’t help but love the details. Plus, I can totally get behind this forest green accent wall!

Photo Credit: Hunter Premo


While my nursery isn’t heading in this color direction, I absolutely adore grey-scale themes. There is something neither masculine nor feminine about it, and well, that’s the whole point of the gender-neutral nursery ideas, right?

Photo Credit: Instagram | @oh.eight.oh.nine


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Becca February 18, 2021 - 1:29 am

Aw thank you so much for featuring our nursery! Love all of these! <3 Becca @sunseekinginstyle

admin February 18, 2021 - 7:37 pm

And thank you for the inspiration!! Absolutely gorgeous!


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